Our education seems useless when political leaders are oblivious

One day perhaps you will wake up and find that things are not the way they were last night; that everything you had has been sullied and corrupted in some way. I have had many such mornings in the last month. On the morning of the 31st of March 2017, I woke early to the news that Pravin Gordhan was no longer finance minister. On the morning of the 4th of April 2017, I was discussing the news of the downgrade to junk status with my colleagues and I had to add how the ground literally shook moments after the announcement was made the previous night. And lastly, on the morning of the 7th of April 2017, I woke up to a different feel in the air – South Africans had come out in their masses to fearlessly raise their calls for Jacob Zuma to step down as President. I switched to the news to see a tall white man, standing arm-in-arm with a black woman on his one side and a black man on his other. They were standing in a united front on Church Square in Tshwane, singing boldly and with a single cause in mind. I had never felt so proud to be South African.

I was born post Freedom Day (27 April 1994) – a true Born-Free. I have known little struggle in my 23 years. Nelson Mandela, Ahmed Kathrada, Robert Sobukwe and many more others saw to that. Having complete freedom of choice, I have been able to go to the best University in the country. All my life I was told that this is what our struggle heroes had wished for the next generation – that we be formally educated on various subjects from Politics and Economics to Finance and The Arts. It is the liberation of our minds that would truly set us free and award us secured and bright futures. I have believed this all my life. Until now.

What good is this education when the only qualification that you need to hold any position of influence in Government is to know someone who knows someone? What use is all this knowledge when the only Title you need to be in power is that of being a Loyalist? How has this education served us when we have struggled to find jobs and have continued to count our cents, whilst others have landed contracts and job opportunities worth millions of Rands by mere virtue of being born to corruptible parents? How has this education liberated us when all we think of when we get our first lucky break is to buy a Vrrrpha we can barely afford and pop expensive bottles at the club? All this education seems futile in a country led by a man who barely got through Primary School.

I have woken up to find that things have changed. Suddenly my education alone is not enough. South Africa has turned into one of those countries in which competent, educated people are seeing a downfall whilst their counterparts continue to prosper. I find myself thinking of ways to adapt to this new world, but then stop when I realise that I may wake up again one morning to find that things have changed, once again. For now, I will use my education as a firm foundation to pursue my life goals and to contribute to the continued growth of our country. I am a Born-Free and that is my responsibility.

About Me: Mpho Sebesho is a recent Graduate and an aspiring Business Leader who’s conscious of the many changes currently going on in South Africa and Abroad.

Disclaimer: The above views are her own and do not represent the views of any political constituency.

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