Parties urged to launch joint movement for mainstreaming Fata – Newspaper

KHAR: Accusing the federal government of deliberately delaying implementation of the proposed reforms in the tribal areas, the PTI workers on Monday urged all political parties to launch joint movement to push for mainstreaming Fata.

They were addressing a public meeting held here in connection with “Go FCR Go” movement which was attended by a large number of party workers and students.

The speakers, including PTI Bajaur Agency vice-president Mohammad Saleem, general secretary Said Ahmed Jan, Insaf Students Federation president Asadullah Khan Khilji, and others said the Fata people wanted repeal of the Frontier Crimes Regulation and implementing the country’s regular laws in the region as the colonial governance system was major hurdle to provision of justice and fundamental rights to tribesmen.

They lashed out at the pro-FCR people and said they were the opponents of development and prosperity of tribesmen. They condemned such elements as furthering their personal interests.

However, the PTI leaders vowed that days of FCR and its supporters were counted and the tribesmen would soon be gotten rid of the repressive law.

The speakers flayed the federal government for unnecessary delay in implementing the proposed governance reforms in the tribal areas, and asked it to fulfill its commitment so the tribesmen could get fundamental rights.

The PTI leaders also criticised the political leadership for failing to adopt a joint strategy over Fata reforms.

The speakers welcomed the PTI central leadership’s move to launch a movement for implementation of Fata reforms package and merger of tribal areas with Khyber Pakhtunkhwa.

The PTI leaders announced that thousands of local workers would participate in the party’s movement on Fata future.

They also warned that PTI workers would launch a protest movement if construction work on two girls degree colleges in Bajaur was not initiated till Dec 31.

Published in Dawn, December 26th, 2017