Pawan Kalyan warns against distraction

Vijayawada: Jana Sena chief Pawan Kalyan has appealed to his fans and party cadres not to get distracted by the words of a few political leaders, as it is an act of disturbing the party or diverting its attention from attending to public issues.

In a tweet on Saturday, he told party cadres, leaders and fans to be wary of people who may try to create disturbance or confusion by issuing such statements. With the tweet, he sent a strong message to the TD that the tolerance levels of Jana Sesma can’t be tested time and again. He also said that the Jana Sena will give befitting reply when the time comes.

“We are in the building stage. We have to be very careful,” he said.

The Jana Sena chief appealed for restraint even in case people or leaders of other parties tried to tarnish his personal image by levelling allegations or causing disturbance in any other form. “We will maintain our dignity by not responding to such unhealthy comments,” he stated.

“We are trying to unveil a responsible and healthy political atmosphere through the Jana Sena where there is no scope for caste and religion-based politics,” Pawan Kalyan told his party cadres.