PKR leaders: Mahathir putting ego aside for sake of nation

These two political ‘giants’ recognise that they need to work together to solve problems plaguing country, they say.


SHAH ALAM: A PKR leader said Dr Mahathir Mohamad has put aside his ego while others said he had buried the hatchet when he shook hands with de facto opposition leader Anwar Ibrahim last year and now signed a petition to free his former nemesis from jail.

PKR vice-president Tian Chua said Mahathir and Anwar had shown their statesmanship by choosing to move on with changing times.

“They are united for the same cause that is to save the country.

“The present merger is a positive step for this country,” he said when asked to comment on Mahathir signing a petition today to free Anwar from jail.

This took place as Mahathir was leaving the 12th PKR Congress today here.

Tian Chua said Mahathir was not the cause of Anwar being in jail this second time, for sodomy.

Anwar has been in jail since 2015.

During Mahathir’s rule, Anwar was sentenced to six years’ in prison for corruption on April 14, 1999, and nine years for sodomy on Aug 8, 2000. The sentences were to be served consecutively

Vice-president Shamsul Iskandar Md Akin said Mahathir had put his ego aside when he signed the petition.

“We should learn from him. That is an example for other political leaders to emulate.”

Shamsul said Mahathir’s move showed that he wants Anwar’s freedom and his narrative has changed since he shook hands with Anwar last year.

“Mahathir has been consistent in his actions since his first appearance in court (to show his support for Anwar).”

PKR’s Subang MP R Sivarasa said both the giants understand that they need to work together to solve the various problems plaguing the country.

“It is his political acceptance that Anwar’s freedom is part and parcel of what Malaysia needs.”

Sivarasa agreed that Mahathir is not responsible for putting Anwar in jail for the second time.

“Mahathir is clear that Najib (Razak) must be removed as the prime minister and Umno must be destroyed.

“He sees Umno as a disease destroying the country.”

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