PL pledges 3 years of no income tax for companies that relocate to Gozo

The Labour Party has pledged three years of no income tax for those companies in Malta that decide to relocate to Gozo and employ people on Malta’s sister island, Prime Minister Joseph Muscat announced this evening.

Dr Muscat was speaking at an electoral campaign political event under the theme ‘L-Aqwa Zmien ta’ Pajjizna’, in the run up towards the snap election on 3 June.

He expressed his commitment towards the completion of the new fibre optic cable so that Gozo can be a ‘hub’ for technology-related businesses.

The party is also pledging to encourage teleworking for Gozitan employees to be able to work for companies based in Malta, from Gozo. Dr Muscat said the party is pledging to refund the companies €10,000 from each employee’s salary, as well as giving back 75% of costs of any technology they spend in order to achieve this. 

“We have gotten out clear proposals which are going to make a difference in all your lives,” he told those present, “they show that we don’t want Gozo to be like an old people’s homes, where everyone sits on benches looking at each other. We want to make Gozo into an economic engine. We have ambitious proposals which will create work.”

“This is not play, we know the weight of the things we promise,” he added.

Dr Muscat also pledged that incentives will be given to parents of Gozitan children who are studying at the University of Malta, pledging that they will receive up to €5,000 in tax credits to cover expenses relating to rent on accommodation in Malta.  

He continued to mention the Barts investment, saying that there have been 170 applicants of which 30 will initially be attending the schools, moving on to 60 and eventually 300. He said that the project will be a “full-blown” project, leaving €15,000,000 to the economy of Gozo every year. 

He also announced that 12 offers  were received following a call for tenders on the fast ferry service, and pledged that the long-promised fast ferry service between Malta and Gozo will be launched within months. He added that three of the offers were from international companies. 

He pledged to those working in the Gozo hospital that they will remain government workers. “If this investment does not happen, the hospital will fall to pieces, there won’t be any need for workers and nurses to remain in Gozo, they will all have to go to Malta. Privatising the hospital will bring more people to Gozo.”

Speaking about the Malta leaks, Dr Muscat said, referring to Simon Busuttil, that the retaliation of “speaking negatively about our country on television has resulted in this.” “I am ready to have a united front,” Dr Muscat said. He concluded by saying “they can say what they want about us, I am going to be defending Malta and Gozo, that is my duty as Prime Minister.”  

Labour MP Deo Debattista spoke prior to the Prime Minister. In an animated speech, Dr Debattista narrated a pretense scene where a man woke up from a coma and asked the whereabouts and happenings of all their family members, to which each was linked with a situation which the Labour Government brought about, mentioning civil union for LGBTIQ couples, free childcare for working mothers and inclusion in the workplace.

“Whenever they close their eyes, there is Joseph Muscat taking care of them,” he said. 

Prime Minister Joseph Muscat is currently addressing a political activity in Sannat, Gozo. Earlier today, he presented his proposals and incentives for Gozo as part of his pre-electoral pledges.

You may follow the event live on the below link: