Political alignments – The Hindu


After the initial high, O. Panneerselvam now finds his political path riddled with potholes as events are not falling into place as expected. (“OPS camp hints at pact with BJP, retracts”, May 21). The confused attempts to patch up with the Edappadi Palanisami (EPS) faction emanate from a lack of clarity on the way forward. It is difficult for a party to survive solely on the basis of issues such as “keeping away a particular family” or ordering an inquiry into the circumstances around Jayalalithaa’s demise. As long as the EPS faction has the majority, Chief Minister Palanisami should be allowed to rule. The next elections are some years away and taxpayer money should not be wasted. Corrupt and inefficient governments running their full term is not new either as long as they have the numbers. People will get an opportunity to decide who should govern them. Since both factions have the same ideology, Mr. Panneerselvam should try and get back with the ruling group in order to ensure his own survival in the long run.

V. Subramanian,