Political allegiances are tearing us apart

John Kass began his Thursday column — the day after the shooting of a congressman — by asking his readers to take a step back and recognize that everyone may not agree with their political leanings. He then proceeded to put all the blame for the angry political rhetoric in this country on the Democrats. He simply fanned the flames.

I have to assume that Kass is aware of Fox News, Rush Limbaugh, and the ever-increasing number of Limbaugh wannabees on the political right. Is Kass not aware of our leader’s Twitter account? Our previous president spent eight years ignoring scurrilous comments directed at him from many on the political right that had more to do with the color of his skin than any policy disagreements.

We are a divided nation. Americans used to vote based on their opinions of the issues. Today, we robotically support the issues of our political party. Do you know anyone who believes in the threat of climate change and also supports the National Rifle Association? The Tribune has given Kass a generous forum to express his views. Kass should take his own advice and find a way to express his views without angering a large portion of the Tribune’s readership.

— Jim Richardson, Tinley Park