Political bias showing | Letters to the Editor

The Kansas Legislature overturns Gov. Sam Brownback’s tax cuts, Brownback vetoes the bill and the Legislature overturns his veto. This was the biggest news Kansas has seen in many years. This will have the biggest impact on Kansas of any event in a long time. These should have rated the biggest possible headlines on the top of Page 1 with the full articles on Page 1. Instead we get small articles on the bottom of Page 1. Could have been worse. They could have been buried on the back page. Journal editors — your political biases are showing. Shame on you.

The tax cuts were originally promoted as the first step of Brownback’s attempt to run for president. Tax cuts can work if they are done right. These were done wrong in every way. And Brownback’s political career is in shambles. Normally I’d feel sorry for someone whose career has taken such a big fall. I don’t feel sorry for Brownback. Considering the immense damage his “experiment” has done to Kansas, I suggest there is one appropriate “reward” for what his political ambitions have produced.

Brownback should be forced to finish out his term as governor. Now damaged political goods, he surely is too toxic for President Donald Trump to appoint to a high-level government job, preferably in a foreign country, far from the Kansas people who will be paying for a long time for his mistakes. And now that the Kansas Legislature knows they can oppose Brownback and survive, his power over them is gone. Lack of alternative employment opportunities and being now a figurehead governor in name only: Sam, I say enjoy.

— JOHN G. RUFF, Logan