Political hopefuls file candidacy packets

Taxes weren’t the only thing being filed today, as Tuesday marked the first day where political hopefuls can file their candidate packets for the upcoming primary election.

With only four months remaining until the very much anticipated 2018 Primary Election and hundreds of potential candidates picking up candidate packets from the Guam Election Commission, voters can start getting a better idea of what August’s official ballot might look like. Today marked the first day candidates can begin filing their packets.

GEC Director Maria Pangelinan has a few reminders to share with political hopefuls, telling KUAM News, “We will only accept complete packets and in the packet will be quite a few things,” including  a signed Affidavit of Certification of Qualifications and nominating petitions. “So with the nominating petitions, we will accept the packet if it contains the minimum number of signatures. If it contains less than the minimum number of signatures, then we will not accept it. So for senator, it will be 250. For governor and congressional delegate, it’s 500,” she explained.

Personal financial disclosures, with an exception for current incumbents, are also important, with Pangelinan saying, “The law says that they can file an extension, but for other than current public officials or elected officials, all other candidates must file financial disclosure.”

An organizational report and a candidate information card must also be submitted including contact information that can be made available to the public. Plus, clearances from the Guam Police Department, District Court and Superior Court. And lastly, a signed Affidavit of non-conviction.

Candidates must also pay a $100 filing fee to go to the Treasurer of Guam.

“As soon as it is filed and as soon as the senior staff says that the filing is complete then the next step is to validate the signatures,” said the GEC’s chief.

But once all that has been completed by the agency, those who have passed aren’t official candidates just yet. “When the commission, the commissioners themselves, ratify the candidates, then they’re official candidates for the primary election,” she said, which happens a few days after the filing deadline, June 26.

By late Tuesday afternoon, the only candidates to file is the gubernatorial team of Senator Frank Aguon and Alicia Limtiaco.