Political Junkie on third parties and James Comey

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The Political Junkie Ken Rudin joined host Kerri Miller for their weekly political chat.

Third parties was on the agenda and Ken said when he thought of third parties he couldn’t help but think of the recent presidential election, where third parties got less than five percent of the vote.

“You had two flawed candidates … running for President,” he said.

Ken thought if there was any time for a third party, that was it.

Also, President Trump had potential to be the first independent President. In the beginning of his campaign Trump was vocal about running independently if he didn’t receive the Republican endorsement. He later signed a loyalty pledge and went on to become the party’s nominee. Even though Trump ran red, he has a history of voting blue.

Ken and Kerri then turned to the James Comey interview that aired Sunday night on ABC news. Ken said he had a hard time turning away.

When Comey was asked by George Stephanopoulos if Trump should be impeached Comey said that would let the American people off the hook. Ken agreed, saying that “you won’t impeach a Republican president with a Republican Congress.”

“The answer is elections both in 2018 and 2020,” he said.

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