Political Leaders Participate in the ’Green Dream Planet•Learning’ Global Invitation to Action

It is reported that the “Deep Learning 19th CPC National Congress, Global Conscience Enterprise Development Globalization” Forum will be held at Xiong An in 2018. At the same time, working together hand in hand with the well being of humanity as the goal, volunteers from all over the world will be invited to share all shapes and forms of propaganda multimedia in the university platform “Green Dream Planet·Learning.” The purpose will be to use the Deep Learning 19th CPC National Congress’s core values of “not forgetting our real aspirations, keeping the mission in mind, following the way of justice, and seeing the whole world as a community,” to achieve the digitization and globalization for “enterprise development with a global conscience.”

In his speech, former Prime Minister Cameron expressed that China is currently undergoing a golden era of development. The trade volumes are constantly growing, the quality of life for citizens is higher each time, and this is all connected to the development of enterprises. Of course, development must be sustainable, this is why we have to take advantage of the globalization of the economy to face and solve environmental problems head on.

The Director of the China Satellite Global Service Alliance Network Trust Specialized Committee, Director of the Xiong An Branch Committee of the China Aerospace Science and Engineering Research Institute, and Vice-Secretary of the Qian Xuesen Intelligence Bank Decision-Making Advisory Committee Mr. Yan Tao moved the crowd with his speech under the theme of “Deep Learning 19th CPC National Congress, Global Conscience Enterprise Development.” During his presentation, he spoke for the first time about constructing a human well-being community public interest experimental field (Green Dream Planet·Learning) report, which will explain in detail how the Green Dream Planet·Learning will promote” enterprise development with a global conscience.”

At the conference, as the initiator of the Green Dream Planet·Learning, Director of the China Satellite Global Service Alliance Network Trust Specialized Committee, and as the Committee Director of the Xiong An branch of the Science and Engineering Research Institute of Aerospace Systems, Mr. Yan Tao also met with former British Prime Minister Cameron, former French Prime Minister Raffarin, former South Korean Premier Lee Soo Sung to hold friendly talks with the intention of implementing the Green Dream Planet·Learning volunteer invitation to promote the creation of a community working together for the fate of humanity and” enterprise development with a global conscience”. This all with the goal of exchanging points of view and reaching consensus.

At the reception dinner, Mr. Yan Tao, Former Prime Minister Cameron, Former Prime Minister Raffarin, Ex Premier Lee Soo Sung, international leaders, and honored guests enjoy the banquet.

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