Political management at heart of big EU decision

Sir, Some political leaders and politicians say/said, “it’s the economy stupid”. Anna Soubry’s Opinion piece (February 12) is in this zone, which overlooks our reality as citizens within Europe. This is, “it’s politics stupid”.

Political judgment manages the economy along with immigration etc.

When asked to choose whether to stay in or leave the EU I Iooked across the European political landscape. I fully respected the challenges facing politicians. It is tough for the European political class to provide a cohesive political framework across the EU.

Those politicians and the nations they govern, however, are setting the political direction of the EU economic and immigration policies. The EU civil servants mediate, to manage the day-to-day work of the EU.

When it came to the Brexit vote, I chose between political management of the EU and the UK. Looking at Britain’s best way forward, was I confident the EU political class could provide better political management of GB-related issues than my politicians with
our constitution/civil servants? I disregarded Britain’s future economic performance and immigration as they were immaterial when answering the narrow Brexit question.

I prefer my political constitution over the EU’s. Mine enabled one citizen to bring her legal challenge to our government to our Supreme Court and win her argument with the court’s judgment. This is extraordinary. I’m proud my home constitution gave her the right. I have every reason to be reassured that in Britain I have a decent constitutional parliament. I made a carefully judged Brexit decision and I leave it in parliament’s hands.

Without disrespecting others’ views, above everything, Anna Soubry, even the economy, “it’s politics stupid”.

Carl Hopkins
London W1, UK