Political parties have limited time to chalk out strategy

Political parties have limited time to chalk out strategy

Source: The Hitavada      Date: 30 Apr 2018 10:51:59

THE political situation in the politically sensitive Bhilai and the constituencies adjoining it are getting rather interesting. After the death of Hemchand Yadav, former Minister, the Durg constituency has fallen vacant for BJP. Had he been alive, the BJP could not have had a second thought on giving ticket to Hemchand Yadav. But now after his death BJP will have to find a new candidate from Durg. Though there is no dearth of good candidates in Durg but the political pull and push among the senior leaders make the selection process very murky. Some of the very deserving candidates loose in this push and pull. The situation is same in both BJP and the Congress. No parties have a systematic and genuine selection process all that matters is the candidate’s closeness with the leader who can get ticket for him. It is rumored that in some political parties your capacity to pay for the ticket matters. But fortunately in the major political parties in the country this trend is no where to be seen. Had it been the case, then not political leaders but barons could have been embellishing our assemblies.
The BJP going to the election to retain its rule for a fourth consecutive term cannot afford to loose the seat from Durg, where there has always been a tough contest between the BJP and the Congress. Traditionally Durg has been a citadel of the Congress and political leadership has been nurtured in this constituency and the adjoining constituencies very well by the then Congress leaders. The BJP rose to power here fighting a formidable congress bit by bit. Hemchand was from among those pioneering leaders who defended the onslaught of the Congress and made a mark for the party in the constituency. His untimely death now has forced the party to go in for a new face and new faces if without a trace of corruption is given ticket half the battle is won.

The other constituencies where BJP is represented are Durg rural, Bhilai and Vaishalinagar. In Vaishalinagar constituency there are allegations of inactiveness on the BJP MLA Vidyaratan Bhasin. What people mean by inactiveness in politics is difficult to comprehend even the MLA on whom this allegation is leveled must be pondering. The MLA has not created trouble for anyone and if any one has approached him with any work he always tried to help him in whatever possible way he could. Bhasin has been a bit introvert and not very imposing like many other political leaders and perhaps this is going against him. And there are all talks of his inactiveness
even by his own supporters and this how politics is. But the major chunk of his supporters has remained
with him and this is a very positive sign for him.
Durg Rural, which is a conglomeration of both rural and urban sectors, is politically very volatile. Both BJP and Congress have their bases here and who wins depends on the slightest of the sentimental upheaval. Presently the seat is with the BJP and earlier it was with the Congress so the possessor of the seat keeps changing in each election. It would be interesting to see whether the BJP retains its sitting MLA who is also a minister or bring in a new face and at the same time Congress will also be trying to wrest the seat from BJP and what strategy they imply would be interesting to see.

The most interesting election out of all these constituencies will be held in Bhilai, where the senior most leader of BJP and Minister Prem Praksh Pandey is the sitting MLA. He has been winning election of and on from this constituency since 1990. Though there is no immediate threat to his candidature but there is opposition to him and this opposition is very well known in the party and social circle. Interestingly this opposition is not just limited to the leaders but it has crept into the supporters as well. The Congress will be making all efforts to defeat the formidable Pandey from Bhilai by taking advantage of this divide and it is learnt that the Congress is looking for a new candidate to defeat the BJP leader. How far will the Congress succeed is a different matter but as of now the voting lines are yet not opened and the parties and candidates have time
though limited to chalk out their political strategy.

More protocol than personal WHEN the two Independent Directors of SAIL met a local minister here recently, it has created some upheaval in the political arena if not in the Board. Some of the senior officers were of the view that even if Independent, the directors were appointed by the government and they should have maintained the protocol. Though there is nothing wrong in meeting a political functionary who also is a minister but they should have either chose a common place where such meetings does not come under the eye of a storm. But after this meeting with the minister the ID’s even tried to contact another powerful senior political functionary from the district but the meting did not materialize sending out some horrid tales.

A senior bureaucrat who is now retired when he was the collector of Raipur was called for a meeting at the residence of a powerful senior leader who was also a former central minister. The bureaucrat refused to attend the meeting at his residence rather asked him to convene the meeting at common place such as a guest house so that there are no unpleasant interpretations. The minister was so polite to concede to the demand of the bureaucrat knowing well the good intensions of the bureaucrat. Similarly in public domain there are certain things wherein protocol has to be followed. The local minister is also known for his adherence to such protocol and he never fail to spot. Perhaps this meeting could have been more a personal one owing to the party inclination but there are many things more than personal in protocol. And protocol made some misses in the board meeting held recently in Bhilai giving some harrowing time for the good officers in the department.