Political parties must work together

Political parties must work together

I thank Clare Higgins for her excellent article about Republicans (“Republican Party has lost its way,” Feb. 24), but, if I may borrow her title, I would like to say a few things about the Democrats.

Our country is so full of anger and disharmony which we can’t fully blame on the Republicans. To me, our country really started going downhill when corporations became people, when the almighty dollar became more important than the citizens. Money leads to power which is addictive.

We need to listen to each other, which hopefully will lead to caring about our neighbors, building communities that are inclusive and supporting each other.

We need to focus on common enemies like climate change, the toxins that are making us ill, racial prejudice, improving school systems, incarcerating fewer people, calming the arms race, building affordable housing and most importantly, having the two major parties communicate and work together for the common good, not for their pocketbooks and power.

Please everyone, work to make our once proud nation get back on track. Our lives depend upon this.

Daphne T. Stevens