Political parties need to work together to find solutions – Victoria Advocate

Editor, the Advocate:

It is our sincere desire to see a united America. It can be achieved and must be, if we want to secure our future. The issues facing our country today are just as real and important as the ones that faced colonial America. The big differences are the complications of the present day world that cause multiple problems to be addressed. The global scenes seem to happen at a phenomenal speed due to mass media exchange. Social and professional information is exchanged at a rate never before seen or imagined.

The problem with this is that it affects global markets, daily attitudes of societies and thus creates insecurity not only here at home but abroad. The stakes are high in decision making.

The answer for discovering any kind of a solution to this dilemma lies in a stable and unified government.

Each administration, especially if a political party change has occurred, blames the other major party for failure or misdirection.

The Affordable Care Act (Obamacare) had some good ideas and some that did not turn out so well. Instead of an outright repeal, why couldn’t we have changed the name to Americare and tweaked the health care system, thus working together in a united front to tackle this issue. This would give each party credit for helping to solve the health care issues. As our issues to be addressed escalate, it is paramount that our government be stable, have common goals and work more effectively together.

Elected officials’ egos need to get under control – embrace each other and be an American for Americans. The divisiveness in parties is counterproductive, and the masses are becoming impatient and worried. So let us be united and be strong, thus keeping America great!

Don Cook, Port Lavaca