Political system allowed to degenerate

THANKS once again to our inward-thinking politicians our political system has been allowed to degenerate into an unholy mess.

Our current government has become a self promoting, non-producing, inept, inefficient, secretive organisation.

The current level of political performance is very poor and needs to be vastly improved.

Out in the electorate public dissatisfaction is growing daily and many people are becoming totally disenchanted with the lack of performance by our current political leaders. Something has to be done.

Open public dialogue and debate is essential and desperately needed in a democracy as it keeps the electorate fully informed of all the political activities being conducted by our politicians.

It helps to reinforce and maintain our continuing faith in our political systems and our politicians as well as monitoring any unsavoury practices that may occasionally present themselves.

All of these processes should be made readily available for public scrutiny, particularly their financial dealings to ensure they are above reproach.

Their work performances and productivity should be publicly monitored to ensure that their salaries reflect their productivity and performance levels.

As their employers we should demand that such systems should be introduced to protect the public purse.  

Get away from the continuous mindless waffle and self-promotion and start producing positive practical government.

When is it going to happen?

I can’t wait.