Politicising a catastrophe is vulture politics

When Haryana is under severe stress and thirty people have lost their lives because of the unruly followers of a person who is held guilty of a heinous crime, the time is to address the problem collectively and unitedly rather than use it for sectarian and political gains.

There is nothing spiritual in what we are seeing in the state, nothing that represents culture. It’s a vulgar display of violence that must be stopped. Those who are leading the campaign to demand resignation of Manohar Lal Khattar, who is undoubtedly a CM trusted by the people as an honest, straightforward and a transparent leader, are taking a political revenge on Haryana, which is right now in need for an immediate calming effect.

Can we turn the catastrophe an Indian state is passing through into a political opportunity to take revenge on the  opponents? Can this be the best time to change guards in Haryana? Why are we blind to the fact that the problem is not just limited to Haryana but has engulfed many areas in Punjab too?

It is the hatred for a particular party and ideology that the media and political opposition is looking at Haryana alone. Is this not the time when both the parties ruling these states must come together and have a situation where Capt. Amarinder Singh and Manohar Lal Khattar work together, pool their resources to douse the fire? None in media or in the political arena is trying to build a political consensus against the rogue elements and save lives. We are looking at these states as if they are different republics and the crowd-manning channels and print media are the angels from the Mars using their influences on the political leaders to shine their armour of sermons and advices.

The first priority should be to ensure peace and safety of the citizens and restore normalcy. There are certainly serious lapses on part of the administration and intelligence. They must be looked into and severe punishment be given to those who took their job lightly. Till then, stop playing political games and becoming Raibahadurs.

The worst political vulture-ism is displayed by Kerala’s CM  Pinarayi Vijayan who wrote to the Prime Minister asking to ensure safety to Keralites in Haryana. To become parochial and to try to rub salt on the wounds of Haryana people can only be termed as an act of enemy. The true communist he has proved to be, insensitive to his Indian-ness, rude to the people of another state as if a state CM has nothing to do with the safety of people belonging to another state and extracting a newsy headline while the dead are being mourned.

Pinarayi Vijayan has been instigating violence against his own state’s citizens. He is a mute spectator to the gory incidents of violence in Kerala. His police has become synonymous with barbarism and the way aged and sick couple were taken out of their home by the police just two days ago shows how atrocious a state apparatus can turn against its own people. But he becomes an adviser in matters of other states.

Same is the case with a section of media which is known to be nursing a deadly hatred for PM Modi and his colleagues. They have started an incessant campaign for the ouster of Khattar. In fact, it’s not Khattar but the BJP pariwar they are targeting. They are showing pictures of BJP leaders with Baba Ram Rahim, and deleting their own odes to the Baba when he was in the process of releasing a movie on his-‘heroic actions’. The honesty of these journalists is so ‘high’ that they won’t show Baba’s pics with Congress leaders and announce – the BJP was friendly with Baba. So, BJP should have considered the Baba a proven culprit even before the judgment was pronounced?

It is for the society to decide whom does it want to follow or not. Baba Ram Rahim’s following is not a matter of political set up done artificially. They must be made to realise that spirituality is not vandalism and violence. A spiritual person’s followers must know how to get justice through the available gateways of redress and make use of them prudently rather than behaving in a manner that punishes the common citizens and shuts all doors to appeals.

Dharma is synonymous to calmness and an unquestionable  austerity. Baba Ram Rahim will serve his clan and society by ensuring that his followers behave like followers of a spiritual person. The cost Haryana and Punjab are paying for his actions is more than what is being calculated. It is the trust in spiritual personalities that has gone abysmally low. Insulting the law, instigating violence, living ostentatiously and preaching godliness ? This vulgar hypocrisy  needs people’s  rejection and a revolt. Don’t blame government for that.

DISCLAIMER : Views expressed above are the author’s own.