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The new CNN poll is good news for Republicans. Or is it?

On the generic ballot question — if the election were held today, would you vote for a Democratic or Republican House candidate — Democrats hold a 5-point edge among registered voters, down from an 18-point advantage in a CNN/SSRS poll conducted in December 2017. Those gains on the generic ballot are due, primarily, to a […]

How the shutdown and DACA could drive 2018 turnout for Democrats

Washington is struggling, again, with a government shutdown. But this time a nonbudget issue is driving much of the debate: the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals immigration program, or DACA. Congressional Democrats are demanding that President Donald Trump make good on his promise to protect the immigrant group often called “Dreamers” after pushing off a […]

Photos Of The 2018 Women’s March In Las Vegas Are So Inspiring

One day after hundreds of thousands of people across the U.S. took to the streets to march (once again) in resistance against President Donald Trump and the policies of his administration, one more rally is being held in Las Vegas, Nevada. This year, the official Women’s March is being held in Las Vegas on Sunday, […]

Who gets blamed for the shutdown? Here’s what the polls say

The last time the government shut down in 2013, polls showed Republicans took the brunt of the blame. It looks like history might be repeating. Story Continued Below Pre-shutdown polls from last week showed nearly half of respondents said they’d hold President Donald Trump and/or congressional Republicans responsible for a shutdown, compared to less than […]

Naga Hoho of Nagaland threatens to boycott Assembly polls

Kohima Jan 21 (UNI) While the Nagaland state machinery and all political parties are gearing up for the February 27 Nagaland Assembly elections, the Naga Hoho has threatened to boycott the elections demanding a solution to the Naga political issue before the elections. In a statement Naga Hoho President Chuba Ozukum has said that if […]

BNP to fix polls strategy after Khaleda verdict

By then, Bangladesh Nationalist Party (BNP) leaders think, it will be obvious what kind of election the Awami League government, that got a virtual walkover in 2014 due to the BNP's boycott, wants to hold. “These two lawsuits should have bearing on national politics especially the next elections,” said … Source