Pride To Be Demoted, LaSalle Becomes Team Leader?

Facebook/NCISNewOrleansPride will face the consequences of his actions in the next season of “NCIS: New Orleans.”

Someone else may be leading the NOLA squad in the next season of “NCIS: New Orleans.”

Pride (Scott Bakula) may be demoted from his position as team leader due to his inappropriate actions against Mayor Hamilton (Steven Weber) in the show’s previous installment. The politician was being accused of masterminding the criminal activities in the city. Due to lack of evidence, the authorities could not put him behind bars. Pride then went rogue and abducted Hamilton. He also managed to make him admit to his crimes. However, the damage was already done.

Executive producer Christopher Silber hinted that Pride might be suspended or demoted from his duties as senior agent.

“What we’re ramping up to in the last two episodes is the climax of these two men going after each other — both of them pillars of the city, both of them doing what they feel is best for the city in their own way. And obviously our Dwayne Pride has taken the side of righteousness on this but he’s willing to sacrifice everything to stop Mayor Hamilton once and for all. And yes, the question will become for Season 4: What are the consequences of that for Pride after, one hopes, he does accomplish that mission?” the EP teased TV Guide.

If Pride will indeed be asked to step down and reflect on his decisions, the one who will pick up the slack is LaSalle (Lucas Black). Next to Pride, he has the skills and experience to lead the team, but it will not be easy. LaSalle looks up to Pride and will not presume to take his position on the squad. The higher-ups will likely let him stew for some time and let him back on the team.

Meanwhile, speculations are rife that LaSalle will be busy with his love life in season 4. He and Percy (Shalita Grant) need to sit down and talk about their relationship. They both know that what they feel for each other is more than friendship.

“NCIS: New Orleans” is expected to return on Sept. 26.