Prince William needn’t be afraid to air his political opinions, and he has his father to thank for it

Like father, like son. In an interview with GQ, the Duke of Cambridge has admitted that, like his father, Prince Charles, he finds it “frustrating at times” that he can’t get involved in politics. He knows that his royal position doesn’t let him “attack government policy”. But, still – also like his father – the Duke does write letters to government ministers, airing his views.

Unlike his father, though, Prince William is more circumspect about how far he can go in pushing his political opinions. Prince Charles has openly longed for decades for a proper public role, as he awaits his real vocation as king.

In 1988, Prince Charles invited Sir Peregrine Worsthorne, then the editor of the Sunday Telegraph, to give him the benefit of his views on his political role. Perry said he should behave like his mother – that is, cut a few ribbons, stand back from the political fray and remain an objective…