Raila book author now goes missing

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The whereabouts of the author of a book that alleges that all elections after former President Daniel arap Moi’s regime were rigged through the use of State machinery has gone missing.

Newton Babior disappeared on June 27, the day he was scheduled to officially launch The Raila Conspiracy at the KICC amphitheatre.

Sources close to Mr Babior say his phone had since been turned off and the matter has been reported at the Ruaraka Police Station.

“The launch was scheduled to happen that day but the guy just went missing in action and we cannot reach him,” said Vincent Adede, the manager of Booksaves.

Announcing the development on social media, Reuben Gitahi said the launch did not take off as planned.

The event was to be presided over by Nasa presidential flag-bearer Raila Odinga and attended by Kenya School of Law CEO PLO Lumumba, publishing editor Barrack Muluka and University of Nairobi don and political analyst Herman Manyora.

At 10am on the day he was reported missing, Mr Babior had posted a message on his Facebook page inviting his readers to attend the book launch.

“Don’t idolise this kind of misleading idiot. Come to the launch. Get a copy of the book. Read it and make an independent opinion,” said Mr Babior in response to political commentator David Matsanga’s post that alleged that the book had “killed” the world and Kenya in particular.

“I don’t lie, put forward facts that explain my mode of operation before I release the names of those who were hanged on the evidence of Raila Odinga and whom Odinga has never honoured …since 1982,” Mr Matsanga had said.

Mr Babior’s disappearance was recorded under OB number 18/3/7/17 Monday.

Earlier, Mr Babior’s friends, relatives and other authors had raised their concerns on social media about the whereabouts of the youthful writer of the political biography titled The Living Legend.

It alleges that the 2002 General Election, in which then President Mwai Kibaki was contesting against Uhuru Kenyatta, now President, was the only free and fair election ever held in Kenya.

Three weeks ago, the writer told the media that there was a conspiracy by the government machinery to block the sale of the book in Kenya before August 8.

He had said that the book, published by Magadashan Printers in India, was printed in April 2017 but the shipment was seized at the Mombasa port.

On Monday, Nairobi County Police Commander Japheth Koome declined to comment on the disappearance.

“I have been called by other media houses, too, concerning the same issue but I am not aware of it,” said Mr Koome.