Randy Krehbiel: Congressional candidate Dahm offering bang for bucks | Randy Krehbiel

Political candidates often use merchandise to coax a few bucks from supporters or even the general public. Hats, caps, tee-shirts, maybe a bumper sticker are the usual fare.

Usually, the items feature a picture of the candidate or a campaign slogan or logo.

The tee shirt First Congressional District Nathan Dahm offers in exchange for a $15 contribution does neither.

Instead, it prominently displays an AR-15-type rifle with the words “Defend the 2nd” — a reference to the Second Amendment, which guarantees the right to bear arms.

Dahm’s campaign web address — nathandahm.com —appears underneath in much smaller letters.

Dahm said he decided to offer the shirt in recognition of the state’s Second Amendment Day, which was Wednesday.