Real health care issue is costly middle men | Letters To Editor

The media have focused our attention on the money shifts planned by the proposed Senate bill to revise the Affordable Care Act, such as relief for our wealthier taxpayers from taxes on medical insurance and dispensations for states that want to fund less Medicaid.

However, the basic problem remains.

The growth in costs for our health care will be unsupportable in the near future.

A significant portion of this cost goes to the middlemen who lobby extensively to convince our representatives that they are necessary.

Big Pharma persuades our legislators that they need top-dollar medication prices to ensure that drug research continues to progress.

Likewise, medical insurers have funded the campaigns of legislators from both parties to ensure that they continue to be the conduit for transmitting payments for services.

Traditional Medicare has overhead costs under 5 percent, while for-profit insurers have overhead over 15 percent.

This margin reminds us that these insurers need to reward their shareholders, administrators and especially their CEO’s for wise political contributions.

Our only hope for a sustainable health care system that will provide quality care for all U.S. residents is one that provides traditional Medicare to all.

Former middlemen costs can then directly fund improved patient care.