Rep. Dent’s decision reflects political polarization

With Congressman Charlie Dent deciding against running for reelection and the increasing probability that a true conservative will win the Republican primary for Pennsylvania’s 15th District, the political climate will become even more polarized. Both parties are splitting farther apart and are unwilling to compromise, so how will Congress address pressing issues?

Climate change and the environment are examples of how different the two parties think. The left believes that the government needs to intervene immediately in order to cut down or halt the use of fossil fuels, and the right is against almost any type of government regulation.

Surprisingly, the environment was not always a political issue and everyone was once an environmentalist. President Nixon, a Republican, created the Environmental Protection Agency in 1970. Unfortunately, the environment is no longer a bipartisan issue and there are clear divisions.

Without moderate Republicans, like Dent, or moderate Democrats, how are we to address climate change, which the Department of Defense calls a serious threat to national security? It starts with voting. No matter your political affiliation, head to your polling station this November and next year and the year after that. Let us make our voices heard.

Jake Kochmansky