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Anjuman-e-Nusrat ul Islam president and the Hurriyat Conference (M) chairman Mirwaiz Umar Farooq Thursday said students have a role to play in building a constructive society in Kashmir.

Mirwaiz emphasized on religious scholars, parents, and, teachers “to help in guiding Kashmir’s future generation towards building a strong and vibrant society based on moral and religious values and ethics”.

Mirwaiz said this while speaking at a seminar titled “constructive society and the role of students” at the auditorium of Islamia Higher Secondary School, Rajouri Kadal in downtown Srinagar in connection with the commemoration program organized by Anjuman Nusratul Islam in memory of its former president late Mirwaiz Molvi Mohammad Farooq and as part of “Hafta -e – Shahadat”.
Recalling the great services rendered by late Mirwaiz Farooq in the field of education in the valley through Anjuman e Nusratul Islam, Hurriyat (M) chairman said that the dedication and affection of the former president towards the growth and betterment of Islamia Higher Secondary School and its various branches is remembered by one and all and “is a path for me to emulate”.

Referring to the current situation, Mirwaiz said: “It is highly deplorable and unfortunate on the part of the authoritarian state that even students are targeted by them and are at the receiving end of their repressive policies.”
Taking a dig at the state authorities and police, he said that a direct confrontational approach has been taken against the students as they are treated like an enemy by the state.
Miwaiz said: “As all space for peaceful expression of their political aspirations has been choked students being part and parcel of the society and witnessing extreme repression and at times being a target of it ,have been forced to take to the streets which is a cause of grave concern.”

Hurriyat Conference (M) chairman said at times they even resort to stone pelting to register and vent their anger against the system.

Hurriyat (M) chairman said: “There is a blanket ban on freedom of expression even inside school premises, let alone in colleges and universities across Kashmir. Student activism is a distant dream in Kashmir and no form of deliberation and exchange of ideas and expression of thought is allowed due to the stringent curbs and bans put in place by the police and the state authorities in schools, colleges and varsities.”
“With such strict curbs in place for students, authorities have pushed students and youth of Kashmir to wall leaving them with the only option of hitting the streets to be heard,” Hurriyat Conference (M) chairman said, adding that while the situation in Kashmir is volatile with political social and religious curbs and bans put in place to crush the “people’s movement”, now even on the educational front students are being made “targets” by the state which is highly condemnable.
Mirwaiz demanded that “students associations should be allowed to function in schools, colleges and universities across Kashmir and student activism and freedom of expression be restored and students be allowed to put forth their point of view and aspirations”.

He said absence of this is leading to the current crisis.
In the seminar, Hurriyat (M) statement said students from more than two dozen schools participated in the competition organized by the Anjuman-e-Nusratul Islam under the topic “constructive society and role of students.”
First position was bagged by Hanan of Islamia Higher Secondary School Rajouri Kadal, second position was bagged by Saboora of Islamia High School Safa Kadal, while third position was secured by Syed Aga Hadi of Green Valley Educational Institute Ilahibagh, statement said, adding: “On the occasion, Mansha of Islamia High School Rajouri Kadal and Areeza of Muslim Public School Rajbagh were also awarded with certificates of best performances.”
Statement said the jury panel comprised of Professor Muhammad Sidiq Khuchay, Dr G M Khan, and Muhammad Shafi Khan while as scores of social, religious activists and civil society members were present also present in the event.
The seminar was moderated by Moulana M S Rehman Shams, statement said.
On the occasion, statement said: “Mirwaiz also unveiled the Anjuman-e-Nusrat-ul Islam’s Shaheed-e-Milat number 2017, a combination of social, religious and political contributions of Shaheed-e-Milat that have been highlighted by renowned writers.”