Rose McGowan surrenders, is released on bond in Virginia airport drugs case

Rose McGowan was arrested and released in Virginia Tuesday after turning herself in on a months-old arrest warrant for felony drug possession stemming from a flight she took to Washington Dulles International Airport in January. 

Kraig Troxell, a spokesman for the Loudoun County Sheriff’s Office in northern Virginia, confirmed that McGowan turned herself in, was placed under arrest, booked, photographed and then released on $5,000 bond.

McGowan, 44, reported to the airport authority police, who issued an arrest warrant on Feb. 1 for felony possession of a controlled substance after personal items McGowan left behind on a Jan. 20 United Airlines flight to Dulles allegedly tested positive for narcotics.

It’s unclear why it took nearly nine months for the warrant to come to light but it did so just after McGowan took a central role as an outspoken accuser of fallen movie mogul Harvey Weinstein: She says he raped her during the 1997 Sundance Film Festival.

Although she accepted a settlement from Weinstein and agreed not to disclose details, she has since become one of the leading voices against sexual harassment-and-assault in Hollywood since the Weinstein scandal broke on Oct. 5.

When news emerged late last month about the arrest warrant, she reacted angrily, posting an outraged tweet suggesting it was an attempt to silence her.

Only days before the warrant’s existence became known, McGowan addressed the Women’s Convention in Detroit, urging sexual-assault victims to name and shame their attackers. 

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