Sam Heughan Claps Back at Fan Who Criticized His Political Views

PHOTOGRAPH: Twitter/ Sam Heughan |

Sam Heughan recently clapped back at an Outlander follower who told him that actors should not speak out their political views as they “run the risk of distancing their fans.” The flame-haired Scotsman was apparently not impressed with the notion when he shared his feelings on the matter.

Sam Heughan Slams a Fan Who Criticized His Political Views

The 37-year-old star, known for his vocal left-wing politics, did not hesitate to express his idea when a disappointed fan said that celebrities should stay away from political affairs. He seemed unmoved by the point and could not even help himself from sharing his own feelings on the issue on Twitter.

A Twitter user named Maryann tagged Heughan in her post, writing, “@SamHeughan Actors should stay away from politics. They run the risk of distancing their fans as seen here in the US. Just keep out of it.” To which the Scottish star replied: “Sorry I disagree. EVERYONE is entitled to an opinion. That’s what makes it a democracy.”

The fan then responded to Heughan’s reply: “There’s a difference between opinion and ridicule. Why enter into that blather and risk hurting some of your fans?” Needless to say, the punter wanted to point out that the actor’s political posts sometimes left his readers offended.

Outlander Followers Defended Heughan From the Disappointed Fan

Social media enthusiasts quickly flocked together in the post to defend the actor. One of his followers wrote: “As a fan, you should respect his right to his opinion even if it differs from your own. You choose to follow his social media.” Another chimed in, “I still don’t get why some think you lose your right to an opinion because of your profession. Actors are human too.”

Others clarified that “democracy requires that we all learn, participate, and debate together in a thoughtful way. That is what makes it work.” Robert Emms averred, “What a silly thing to say. And by the way (as nice as it is) actors don’t need fans to be an actor.” Another said that celebrities should not let their fans dictate their political views, noting: “Love this argument in a day and age when the USA elected a reality star con man President.”

It is not surprising that there are people who did not like the political views of the Scotsman. In fact, Heughan made his views known online in the past – most recently ahead of the General Election. He also lent his support to pro-EU centrist Emmanuel Macron after he won in France in May. On July 4, he retweeted Rachel MacKnight’s post that sparked controversy on social media.

Either way, Sam Heughan has a point that everyone is entitled to an opinion. There is also a fact in what the fan pointed out about there being a difference between “opinion and ridicule.”