Scoot: Are we in the Bizarro World of politics?

Have we been transported into a Bizarro World of politics?

Bizarro World is a fictional planet appearing in DC comics where the Bizarro code states, “Us do opposite of all Earthly things.”  In the Bizarro World, everything is opposite of what we are accustomed to in a normal world.  Up is down; right is left.

In the past few days, evidence of our journey into the Bizarro World of politics has become abundantly clear.  Think about it. Many in the conservative media have been criticizing President Trump.  Democrats have been supporting Attorney General Jeff Sessions.  The White House Communications Director is reporting directly to the President and not to the White House Chief of Staff.  

Further signs that we have entered the Bizarro World of politics comes from Republicans controlling both Houses of Congress and the White House, but not being able to fulfill their campaign promise to repeal and replace Obamacare.

From the standpoint of being in the media, in particular talk radio, arrival in the Bizarro World of politics is an exciting time when new topics are certain to arrive daily, sometimes hourly.  But I wonder about the impact of being in the Bizarro World of politics on America.

Through the years and the many controversies I have dealt with as a talk radio host, I have never seen the state of politics to be as fluid and unsettled as it is today.  Is this good or bad for our country?

This is not the first time we have been through great controversy in America.  As a preteen, I have vivid memories of the anti-Establishment generation’s opposition to the war in Vietnam and general support of a liberal rebellion against the more conservative political establishment.  I also first noticed the great political divide between Republicans and Democrats in the heated 1964 presidential campaign between Republican Barry Goldwater and Democratic President Lyndon Johnson.  Both sides used the threat of nuclear was as a political weapon during the campaign.  

And here we are in the Bizarro World of politics in 2017.  The fact that we are here means that we survived many great controversies that divided our country in the past and while the moment of each controversy seemed like that is the worst controversy ever – we survived.  I have faith that as divided as we seem as a country and as bizarre as politics are today, we will survive this moment, too.

What is both unsettling and exhilarating about this moment in time is the question of how it all turns out.  What will be the catalyst that will push us back into the real world of politics?  Or has the real world of politics been changed forever? 

Regardless of how you feel about President Donald Trump, his presidency shook up the political status quo, which was in desperate need of a shake-up.  Some things will never be the same.

However, I have faith that one thing always leads to another, and America’s response to the Trump Administration will jettison politics back into a comfortable reality.  Otherwise we will be launched further into the Bizarro World.

Either is possible, but our history is full of responses to bizarre changes that have allowed us to reach the interesting times in which we currently live.