Senators begin to outline bipartisan ‘Dreamer’ plan as open debate begins

Lisa Desjardins:

In a statement, President Trump urged lawmakers to — quote — “oppose any legislation” that doesn’t include his four pillars approach.

But as the president met with supportive senators, it wasn’t clear his plan could get enough votes. That sparked the real action of the day. A large group of bipartisan senators meeting in Senator Susan Collins’ office told “NewsHour” they had agreed on a different approach.

Rather than try to navigate all four of the president’s pillars, this bipartisan plan goes narrow, to the bottom-line two. It offers a path to citizenship for dreamers and at least $25 billion for border security. It would limit family migration, but only for dreamers. Their parents wouldn’t be eligible for legal status through their children.

In the Senate chamber, no sign of all the frenzy happening behind the scenes, but plenty of rhetorical line-drawing. Texas Republican Ted Cruz slammed any path to citizenship for dreamers.