SETX political leaders give their thoughts on calls for President Trump’s impeachment

Leaders from local democratic and GOP groups give their thoughts on the call to impeach President Donald Trump

BEAUMONT – Local political party leaders had different thoughts on this morning’s call to impeach President Donald Trump.

“It’s a disaster, I mean, Donald Trump and his presidency have been an absolute disaster,” Cade Bernsen said.

Bernsen is chairman of the Jefferson County Democratic Party. He thinks the accusations against President Donald Trump have piled up for far too long.

“Bottom line, we need a special prosecutor, we need a special prosecutor and that Republicans have got to put their country above their party and their partisanship,” Bernsen said.

Following the recent allegations of sharing classified information with Russia, Janis Holt, the president of Hardin County Republican Women thinks the accusations need to carry more proof of wrongdoing.

“Like [House speaker Paul Ryan] said, I’m in his camp, let’s get the facts, let’s find out what’s going on and we can proceed at that point,” Holt said.

The Hardin County GOP member thinks the partisanship in Washington D.C. needs to be set aside for President Trump to fulfill his campaign promises.

“We just need to get about the business of this country, take care of our people, take care of our borders and all of these things,” Holt said. 

She believes the call for impeachment is too early.

“At this stage of the game where we don’t have the facts, it’s premature to call for anyone’s impeachment without the facts in front of them,” Holt said.

Bernsen and those in his local party hope that elected officials do what’s best for the country.

“We’re watching, history is watching, and these are very critical times that will be studied for future generations, so it’s very critical,” Bernsen said.

We reached out to the Jefferson County Republican Party and they could not comment at this time.

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