Sharmazanov calls U.S. Ambassador’s ‘corruption remarks’ as ‘constructive criticism’ – Panorama

“U.S Ambassador’s remarks about corruption in Armenia is perceived not as a criticism, but rather a recommendation of a partner and constructive criticism,” Deputy Speaker of Armenia’s National Assembly told reporters at a briefing on Wednesday.

To remind, on Tuesday “Zhamanak” daily cited U.S. Ambassador to Armenia Ambassador Mills saying corruption is among Armenia’s key challenges, especially its form when “people with influence, political and economic ties, use their opportunities to serve their own interests.”

“I want to stress that anti-corruption measures are under the special attention of the country’s leadership and implemented including through legislative regulations,” Sharmazanov noted, pointing to number of adopted anti-corruption legislative initiatives with others set to be finalized.

“Armenia is open to finalize those initiatives, considering also the experience of European and American partners,” said the deputy speaker.

In Sharmazanov’s words, no one denies the existence of corruption and monopoly in Armenia, while the task is to asses which direction to choose to fight it, to weight on the progress made thus far.

“Corruption cases can be observed in every country, starting from the United States to Russia and Australia, however no one is more interested in developing democratic values in Armenia than its current leadership. We have the necessary political will, are open to accept constructive proposals from our foreign partners and if needed, embark on reforms with a renewed vigor,” Sharmazanov concluded.