Skip Bayless explains why Paul George would be the perfect complement to LeBron James

“Here’s my thing… if you have to give up, say, a Kevin Love and a Shump, that seems like a very good deal to the Cavaliers to me. Now if you start having to give up Kevin Love, you give up Shump, you have to give up Richard Jefferson, you have to give up Channing Frye – how much is that going to deplete you?

If you look at the way the Finals shaped out, Zaza and JaVale McGee did not play as much in the Finals as they did the first three rounds. They [relying on] the death lineup.

Skip, if you were to have Paul George, LeBron and Kyrie so when they go to Steph Curry, Klay, KD… in that situation, you have guys who can guard on the perimeter. But you also have a guy that, when LeBron goes to the bench, he can initiate the offense. He can also get his own shot. So therefore LeBron can be just as efficient playing three to five fewer minutes per ball game. Because at 33, I don’t think he should be playing 38, 39, 40 minutes. He played like 45 minutes a game in the Finals, so that would drastically come down.”

Brian Spurlock Brian Spurlock-USA TODAY Sports