Slow Down… Let’s Think About This.

IMPEACH! RESIST! STAND UP AND FIGHT BACK!!! These are the most commonly used words in our current political climate. Should we really be screaming these words right now, in what appears to be blind hatred for the man who was for all intents and purposes, voted legally into the seat that fills our 45th presidency? With approval ratings for the current president hitting an all-time low of 38%, it’s safe to assume the clear majority of people would be more than happy with his removal; the sooner the better, GET TRUMP OUT!

Slow down there…. Slow your roll. As much as I despise what the man has done and continues to do and the embarrassment he is to our country, we have to think about the big picture here. What happens if we do remove him as our president? Do you REALLY want Mike Pence as your leader instead? No, not anything or anyone would be better than Trump. So, let’s look at some facts together while we all just simmer down a bit.

Can we even impeach him? Being a bigoted, arrogant, misogynistic pig isn’t a crime in America. Gotta love that first amendment, right? So let’s look at what he has done that REALLY could lead to impeachment. The whole Russia connection thing, we all FEEL that we know he’s involved however, as of today’s date, it hasn’t been proven. Divesting businesses? He says he has. There’s no PROOF otherwise, as of today’s date. Is he unhinged and unfit, common sense says yes, but there has yet to be a doctor treating him to come out and agree with the opinion. Keeping in mind the lengthy process it would take, along with the votes needed to pass Articles of Impeachment and actually have him removed, it doesn’t look like a real possibility, yet.

Mike Pence. REALLY? OK… I know, I’m outraged too. I am embarrassed for our country that this orange monster is supposed to be “representing” us. But Mike Pence is a better alternate? Let’s think about this. This is the man who doesn’t think male and female colleagues can sit down together without sex being involved. This is the man who believes conversion therapy is the cure for the LGBTQ community. No woman should ever have an abortion regardless of circumstances of how she got pregnant or if that pregnancy could kill her. He wants tax cuts for the rich, he also is anti-immigration and “A Christian First”. This man holds extreme far right Christian conservative beliefs and looks like a mild mannered sweet man. Do not let this man fool you. Do not let republicans fool you into believing they want better for our country too. If the republican party will rally around the absolute nonsense of a Trump presidency, just imagine how easy it will be for them to push the even tempered, mature Mike Pence and his dangerous views on us. No. HE will not be the calm after the storm. He will be the shit, added to the air thrown at the fan. Mike Pence is quite possibly more dangerous than Donald Trump, because he has always been seen as a non-game changer. He is sitting back, waiting to push his conservative politics down the pipeline under the guise of being the calm after the Trump storm.

While it is clear and obvious that something in our country needs to change, it is not clear that our current president is impeachable, yet. Totally shitty, but it is true. It has not yet been proven that he has committed a crime substantial enough for Articles of Impeachment to stand against the scrutiny of our impeachment process. It is also clear that at this point in our political climate, it would be nearly impossible to obtain the votes needed to impeach. It is also not clear that Mike Pence would in fact be any better. In fact, it is very probable that he would be worse for our country as a president.

COMPROMISE is always what is best for our country. That is an unarguable fact. Arguing with idiots is never suitable, which is also a fact. Everyone is aware that our country is at point where something has to give. Friendships are being ended, families divided, and people are becoming more and more afraid to talk about their political views simply because of the heated political climate. This heat that has never been seen before. Cable news talking points without much research behind the thoughts has become the parroting norm when a political conversation comes up.

This topic deeply affects every American, yet few really want to delve into the thought process needed to examine what really happens should we impeach a man who as of this point in time, can only be found guilty of being what I personally would call, a bully, an idiot, a scam artist, a misogynistic pig and most of all just mean. None of these adjectives used are legal grounds, none would hold up against our constitutional processes. While they are all offensive, they simply are not enough to expose our county to the “what if” of handing America over to man who instead wants to literally kill it with his version of “kindness.” Let’s think this one through America. What could possibly be a compromise or alternate? Let’s all take a breath and think this through and get it right this time.

Looking forward to hearing your thoughts!