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Getting priorities straight

Wouldn’t it be great to see multiple letters concerned about the quality of Methuen students’ curriculum, social/emotional climate and engagement rather than their clothing? Hopefully the schools are focusing on that instead of what students wear on 90+ degree days. It’s worthwhile to note that Sound Off complaints have been specifically about girls — because their clothing is more important than their learning, of course.


Good move, judge

Bravo to Superior Court Judge Thomas Drechsler for refusing to return bail money to Elizabeth Nolberto. If there is any return of monies paid to bail out Santiago, Santiago should reimburse his sister or Nolberto should tell the court where he is. Talk about nerve. Who cares if she is being sued by the loan shark  — that’s the chance one takes. If the bail money is returned, we the taxpayers of Massachusetts, will have not only been defrauded of the $1.5 million in food stamps, we will have paid nearly $2 million for Santiago’s crimes and we have no criminal to prosecute. This has to stop, and there must be consequences for stealing and defrauding the taxpayers and for cheating the system. The bail should have been the $1 million as requested by the prosecutor or this criminal should have been jailed until trial. The $75,000 is a drop in the bucket when one considers the magnitude of Santiago’s theft. Is no one monitoring these criminals?


It’s who you know

So apparently you can get a DWI in Plaistow and still keep your driver’s license … if you know the right people. Great job, Town of Plaistow. Put your cronies before public safety.


Undue media influence?

American journalists used to publicly find fault with large corporations also owning large news media, and influencing government actions with their media, political contributions, and with extremely lucrative fees for making corporate speeches. They’re finding no fault with this today, but appear to be extremely bothered by a president challenging the status quo. Ex-Fox chairman Roger Ailes’ family recently became victim of cable news, with him and his wife being dogged by media innuendos. How fitting. Today they’re endlessly dogging our president’s family with such innuendos. Fox was described as the most significant political force in American life in a decade. Who needs news media to be a political force, other than autocrats and plutocrats? What’s such doing in a democracy? The selfish actions of news media are offering the greatest opportunity to reform media in our lifetime, along with the need. 


Hardly funny

Sorry, but to all you “Big Bang Theory” TV show lovers, I find it hard to believe a bully like Sheldon is funny. You cannot sit in his spot. No whistling in the house. No touching the thermostat. He has to be in charge. That’s funny? I guess you support bullies.