Speak Out! May 17-22, 2017

The following Speak Out! messages appear in May 17-22, 2017 editions of the Journal & Topics Newspapers.

Appreciates coverage in Journal

I very much appreciate reading in last week’s Journal & Topics the follow-up story on the horrific crash on Northwest Highway in February in which four people were killed. There were many bits of information that I did not know, which have not been reported on. One such item was a statement that the 21-year-old driver of the Mercedes was being praised by his friend because he drove the two of them to the Miner Street Tap while he was drunk. That was a powerful and telling comment.

Just sayin’

To “Concerned about leadership”: Chief Bill Kushner has been the police chief longer than Mayor Bogusz has been mayor. Try again.

Sorry for voting for Trump

Last night I apologized to my wife and children for voting for Trump for president. I have been a Republican my whole life. That is my only excuse for voting for this man that I now see is an unstable personality. We are in trouble here. What is happening makes me sick and I am worried for the fate of the GOP and the whole nation. What have we done?

How dare those Democrats

Let me get this straight: Illinois Democrats want to have more affluent school districts use their school funds (from our property taxes) to “equalize” funding to Chicago schools? What nerve. How dare Democratic legislators try to pass Senate Bill 1 and House Bill 2808 in an attempt to bail out the Chicago Public School system which has an appointed not elected school board.

Is commission needed in MP?

These local pols are like elephants; the one behind grabs the tail of the leader and they all follow each other in lock step. For example, when one town gets a new police station or a library they all want a new one whether it’s needed or not. Mount Prospect Mayor Juracek wants a Disabilities Commission because two of the other elephants have one. But is it needed? That doesn’t matter because what matters is keeping up with the elephant in front.

Spend some time with your dog

This is for the house on Campbell right off of Center: You need to either get a fence around your dog so that they can run around, or start taking it for a walk. Every time I pass by, I see a dog starved for attention. It’s heartbreaking to see an animal that just wants some attention. I pet this dog every time I walk past and talk to it. You got a dog for a reason — you need to start being a real owner for the dog and spend time with it. You and the dog will both be better off for it.

Remember city leak?

Some folks I know wanted Mayor Bogusz’s hide for what they thought was his role in leaking confidential documents to the press. Now, with Trump, they smirk and shrug their shoulders while nonchalantly dismissing his critics. The fact that the FBI is currently investigating the political campaign of the guy they voted to become president of the United States is of no real importance to them. With Bogusz, they expressed self-righteous indignation — they demanded lie-detector tests and heads to roll. But regarding Trump’s “situation” with the Russians, they’re apathetic — even condescending. Their attitude? “What’s the bid deal? There’s not a shred of evidence yet.” Funny, there was no evidence directly linking anyone in the document caper, either. But in that case, amazingly, they were actually capable of connecting dots. Remember? Now? Not so much. I guess the ability comes and goes. My response to all this is simple. I write a submission to Speak Out and then mow my lawn. Maybe clean out the garage. What can one do in the face of such extraordinary inconsistency?

Still talking about Hillary

For all you liberal Trump haters who believe you are so intelligent, can you please enlighten us mere mortals with the evidence that you have that proves the Trump campaign and the Russians worked together to defeat Hillary? Still waiting. Hillary defeated Hillary. Just because Rachel Maddow and Chris Matthews talk about this conspiracy every night does not make it true. I’m sure you can come up with another reason to hate Donald Trump, but the Russian connection is not there.

Thank you, Ryan and Eva

What a pleasant surprise I had. Three or four days ago, I found at my front door a little handmade basket with handmade flowers inside. On the outside of the basket was a message saying “Happy May Day.” This is a thank you to Ryan and Eva. Bye.

Bothered by closing

Hi, I’m really sorry to hear that Caputo’s closed for whatever reason he closed his business. It really makes me upset to see all the food in that store rotting and just being abandoned. Why can’t you just open the doors and let the homeless just come in and feed themselves? Let the desperate people who have to come into the food pantry come in and get fresh food and stuff while it’s there. It just bothered me. I’m sorry, but he should be thinking of others as well as himself. Thank you. Goodbye.

Glad business located here

There’s always so much talk about supporting your local businesses. Well, we don’t do the talk, we do the walk. We had an occasion, unfortunately, to lose a member of our family and turned to our local funeral director, G.L. Hills Funeral Home. We could not have been happier under the circumstances to be treated so professionally and personally. They managed every detail. Saved us a lot of initial anguish and we are so pleased that they are a member of our Des Plaines community. Thank you again.

How do vandals turn out that way?

I would really like to sit down and talk to the person who has committed vandalism, to ask them what they get out of it. Do your friends think you are a big deal now that you destroyed some property? Are your parents pleased by the way they raised you? How did it benefit you? I would really like to know. I’m sure other people would too.

Composting facility good for towns

Congrats to Patriot Acres for bringing Des Plaines and Glenview into the future of recycling. We finally get some eco-positive development in this area. I hope the community will finally get behind this project.

Staple ruins day

That time of year again and once again my city stickers came in the mail with the staples right through it making it impossible not to damage the sticker when removing. Why does this happen year after year?

What if?

Maybe former 5th ward Ald. Jim Brookman will run for mayor in four years. Wouldn’t that be something? And think about it, if he does, and his wife, Carla — who was just voted in for her second stint as 5th ward alderman — also decides to run again…wow. Interesting. And then there’s Jennifer Tsalapatanis, their daughter, who recently won her first term as city clerk. If she too decides to run for re-election in four years, all this would be happening simultaneously — a Brookman cornucopia plopping campaign signs down on front lawns everywhere. And if they all were to win, Brookmania would sweep through the city. The good residents of Des Plaines could then be assured that decades and decades of the Brookman dynasty was theirs to cherish. On the down side, if this does all come true, we may never live to see a Polar Plunge at Lake Opeka. Such is life.

Climate change is real

Why the ruckus over climate change? Why are we so concerned with this? Because over the past 30 years, the climate has warmed appreciably due to the greenhouse effect. Want to see this in miniature? Close your car windows on a hot day — just like your car windows let in the light from the sun and retain the heat, excess carbon dioxide traps heat in our atmosphere. You can doubt it all you want, but think of it this way: If we’re wrong, we’ll have cleaner air to breathe and water to drink. If you’re wrong, we’ll have painted ourselves into a corner — it will be much harder to undo a problem than to prevent one. The world is moving to renewable energy — wind, solar, tidal motion — the U.S. can either lead the way, or follow China’s lead. What do you, as an American, think would be better for our country.

Just asking

Why are politicians with business and law degrees making environmental decisions without consulting experts?

Hairdo makes you go hmmmm…

When historians look back on the Trump era, what do you think will be the predominate symbol of the times? I believe it will be his hairdo. Hear me out. At first glance, it just doesn’t make any sense at all, which pretty much sums up his presidency. How is it possible to get hair to go in so many different directions at the same time? I guess you could say it’s somewhat intimidating (kind of punk without the spikes), which is to say, it’s a showboat style that absolutely demands attention. So if you look at it from that perspective, things start to gel. For example, it could be used as a distraction — a redirect — to keep us focused on him and not on the stuff he doesn’t want us to see. Then, when he’s got us, and he’s blabbering about something or the other, we’re mesmerized by it, and don’t pay attention to what he’s saying — which is exactly what he wants. It’s also yellow. Personally, I think this is fitting for a president who will not release his tax returns. But most of all, his weird-do seems to be covering something up — don’t you think? Have you ever wondered what’s under there? Just like the presidency itself…we’re all wondering what’s under the mess.

Let Trump do whatever he wants

Now one of the most partisan members of the Senate, Dick Durbin, is calling President Trump “dangerous.” No, Mr. Durbin. President Trump is not dangerous. What is dangerous is an orchestrated attempt by political opponents and the media to start a smear campaign about foreign interference with our election. With all due respect Mr. Durbin, put up or shut up. Your party’s behavior is dividing this country with violence and hatred that we have never seen in this country before. We know your goal is to drag this out at least until the next election and your friends in the media are co-conspirators in this criminal behavior. You take the risk of damaging this country beyond repair.

Can’t sustain living in Mount Prospect

Illinois has the highest real estate taxes. It is destroying the equity in our MP homes which have lost value since 2007. My taxes have increased 40% but my FMV has decreased 11% since 2007. This is not sustainable. Stop voting for the same crooked pols.

Doesn’t want to pay for new ice center

So now the Glenview Park District is going to ask the overtaxed people of Glenview for more money to fund an ice arena. I hope the good people of Glenview realize that the park district already takes a larger portion of our property tax bill then the entire village of Glenview. We do not need a new ice arena simply because we cannot afford it. Besides, it’s not my responsibility to subsidize local hockey families.

Where governor should spend

The election for governor is not until November of 2018, so we will be watching Rauner’s video for 18 months. He should spend the money on the programs he cancelled instead of TV ads.

Wants to know more about congresswoman

Does anyone know if Jan Schakowsky has been arrested for anything lately? It’s been a little while since her last arrest so I was just wondering.

Great job

Kevin O’Connell was a commander with the Des Plaines Police Department for over 30 years. Kevin moved on to the Illinois Attorney General’s Office, and is now retired. Thank you, Kevin O’Connell, for all the great work you have provided in the city of Des Plaines. Rooster man.