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How Fiction Becomes Fact on Social Media

Agents with links to the Russian government set up an endless array of fake accounts and websites and purchased a slew of advertisements on Google and Facebook, spreading dubious claims that seemed intended to sow division all along the political spectrum — “a cultural hack,” in the words of one expert. Yet the psychology behind […]

Austria: Another Political Success Built on a Populism? 

By Teresa Eder On October 15, the Austrian electorate rewarded 31-year-old foreign minister Sebastian Kurz of the Austrian Conservative Party (ÖVP) and far-right candidate Heinz Christian Strache of the Austrian Freedom Party (FPÖ) with a combined 55 percent of their vote. The occasion marked the shift of yet another European country to the populist right, […]

Theatre Of The Absurd: Guð Blessi Ísland

Published October 20, 2017 In the wake of the October 2008 financial crash, the Special Investigation Commission (SIC) was tasked with trying to assess why exactly it had happened. The report they would end up releasing in April 2010 was a massive, multi-volume analysis that assigned a spectrum of blame across the board, from financiers […]

Utah Film Center to screen 11/8/16, impressive time capsule of a day in American politics

Shortly before the 2008 presidential election that put the first American black president into office, Jeff Deutchman used social networks to ask amateur and professional independent filmmakers to document experiences of voters and campaign volunteers on the day of national voting. “It was an experiment in crowd-sourcing footage and material for a documentary film about […]

Journalists aren’t America’s enemy

Walter Cronkite Award for Excellence in Journalism honoree Judy Woodruff speaks during the Annual Cronkite Luncheon held at Sheraton Grand Phoenix on Oct. 19, 2017.(Photo: Nick Oza/The Republic) First, to be recognized alongside my friend and anchor partner, Gwen (Ifill), who was a treasure — journalist’s journalist, honest, fearless, funny. She had it all. And […]

Push for cross-party support for Jallianwala Bagh apology

Vidya Ram LONDON, October 20, 2017 21:15 IST Updated: October 20, 2017 21:20 IST “; var device = “”; for ( var type in WFClientTypeDef) { if (window.matchMedia(WFClientTypeDef[type]).matches) { switch (type) { case “xlarge”: device = ‘desktop’; break; case “large”: device = ‘desktop’; break; case “medium”: device = ‘tab’; break; case “small”: device = ‘mobile’; […]

Mailbag: Interviews That Hit And Missed The Mark

In this week’s Mailbag: praise for the way Morning Edition has been bundling fact-checking with its live interviews and questions about an All Things Considered interview with a CIA psychologist. A New Way To Fact Check Back in February, I wrote a column looking at what I (and many listeners) thought was a serious problem: […]