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Penn State students react to Donald Trump’s approval rating dropping following Charlottesville | Campus

Throughout his relatively new presidency, Donald Trump’s approval rating has been lower than any past president in the same amount of time. And following his reactions in press conferences after the recent events in Charlottesville, his approval ratings dropped further. His responses caused uproar in the media, with many also condemning him on Twitter. In […]

US Law Enforcement Leaders Fear Trump Is Fueling Far-Right Terror – Mother Jones

White supremacists in Charlottesville, Virginia, on August 11.Zach D. Roberts/ZUMA When President Donald Trump suggested that “some very fine people” were among the white supremacists who provoked chaos and violence in Charlottesville the second weekend of August, he set off outrage across the political spectrum. According to multiple law enforcement leaders and security experts I’ve […]

‘Antifa’ Groups Warn @AntifaToday Is a Honeypot to Get ‘Antifa’ Activists to Dox Themselves

An anonymous account is masquerading as a way for people to learn more about members of the controversial far-left collective “antifa” and its upcoming gatherings, according to several members of the antifa community. @AntifaToday and its associated website are a “honeypot,” or a trap to get personal information from users, according to Antifa Checker, a […]

Contraception should not be controversial

The Register’s editorial Published 5:30 p.m. CT Aug. 22, 2017 | Updated 5:57 p.m. CT Aug. 22, 2017 CLOSE The Supreme Court heard a new challenge to the health care law’s contraception mandate Wednesday. Some religious organizations are fighting a rule that they must notify the government that they object to contraception coverage to be […]

Do politicians make policy based on facts and evidence? — Quartz

Researchers tested to see whether politicians changed their prior beliefs in the face of overwhelming evidence, and the results were pretty depressing. The study, published in the British Journal of Political Science, set out to answer two questions: Does evidence help politicians make informed decisions, even if it challenges their beliefs? And does providing more […]

MPs rush to declare free Foxtel subscriptions

Treasurer Scott Morrison updated his register on August 14, a week after Industry Minister Arthur Sinodinos updated his on August 7. Labor’s Anthony Albanese and Greens MP Adam Bandt both declared their subscriptions on August 10. Crossbench senator Derryn Hinch is also believed to have updated his, but the online register has not yet reflected […]