What has become of Diana’s Britain?

Back in the present, it seems so long ago, and so hysterical. Because of the royal connection and her own high-wattage charisma, Diana came to mean something to millions of people that was – to be blunt – silly and unreasonable. No fallible human being should ever have been the glossy receptacle of so much […]

Spectrum News Pure Politics  – Business investments in Kentucky hit new record with $5.8B pledged so far this year

FRANKFORT – Gov. Matt Bevin and state officials said Friday that Kentucky had set a new high-water mark in economic development with more than $5.8 billion in business investments pledged thus far this year. That amount surpasses the previous record, $5.1 billion, set in 2015, and Bevin says this year’s total will likely grow with […]

Chaffetz’s exit leaves 22 — so far — seeking to fill the void

To win in such a congested field, Perry noted, candidates will need to start taking positions on health care, tax reform and investigations into President Donald Trump’s administration. They’ll need to raise funds. And for those opting to collect the 7,000 signatures to get on the ballot, “they’re going to be spending a lot of […]

Leaks — a uniquely American way of annoying the authorities

WASHINGTON —   British leaders were infuriated this week when the name of the Manchester concert bomber was disclosed by U.S. officials, and further outraged when The New York Times ran investigators’ photographs of the bomb remnants. After Prime Minister Theresa May complained bitterly to President Donald Trump, he denounced the leaks on Thursday and […]

Far Cry 5 Preview Trailer

You can read as much or as little as you like into Ubisoft’s Far Cry 5 announcement trailer. The game, a sandbox adventure set in fictional Hope County, Montana (due Feb. 27, 2018 for PC, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One), pits players, in the guise of a law enforcement deputy, against a doomsday cult led […]

Trump is a global anomaly rather than the new normal

Andrew Harrer-Pool/PA Images. All rights reserved.We have a problem. We also have an unprecedented opportunity to solve it. Recently, at the Women for Women Summit in New York City, Hillary Clinton went on the record to say that she is “part of the resistance.” Though she’s emphasized on several occasions that she will not be […]

New leadership center inspired by Gov. Thompson’s legacy

As governor, Tommy Thompson drew on university research to inform public policy and was a strong supporter of his alma mater, UW–Madison. He addressed graduates in May 2016 at the Kohl Center. Photo: Bryce Richter A new center named for Wisconsin’s longest-serving governor and dedicated to the study of public leadership is proposed to be housed […]