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San Francisco’s leaning tower of lawsuits

It’s a story as old as cities themselves: prosperity comes to town and triggers a building boom. In modern San Francisco, rows of skyscrapers have begun lining the downtown streets and recasting the skyline, monuments to the triumph of the tech sector. Leading this wave, the Millennium Tower. 58 stories of opulence, it opened in […]

Easter Eggs You Missed In Thor: Ragnarok – YouTube

YouTube Easter Eggs You Missed In Thor: RagnarokYouTubeIf you’re new, Subscribe! → Despite mostly taking place in the far, far off reaches of outer space, Thor: Ragnarok hits very close to home for many Marvel fans. Like most films from the Marvel Cinematic Universe, it’s … and more » Source link

Super Mario Odyssey (dunkview) – YouTube

YouTube Super Mario Odyssey (dunkview)YouTubeThe Knack 2 of 3D platformers. Game. Super Mario Odyssey – 2017 (YouTube Gaming). Caption author (Turkish). burhan mert çakır. Caption authors (Polish). RageBob · Patryk Kopacz. Caption authors (Russian). Nanashin 武蔵 · Fanneman _. Caption author … Source link

‘Vice Principals’ Recap, Season 2 Episode 8

Prev Next Complete Series Coverage If you like stories with happy endings, put on a set of blinders and pretend this is the last episode of Vice Principals. “Venetian Nights” plays almost like a dream: The prince, confronted by a great evil, tries to defeat it, only to be cast out from his own kingdom. […]

Why the Republican Tax Plan Is an Electoral Death Trap

To hear Republicans tell it, the fate of the universe (and their electoral prospects) rests on whether or not they can pass a tax-reform bill by the end of the year. It’s rather curious, then, that on Thursday, the House G.O.P. released a plan that seemed calculated to repulse as many people as possible. The […]

The lonely death of Delhi’s jungle prince

In terms of snobbery it was hard to beat the man who claimed to be the last prince of the royal house of Oudh. “Don’t talk to me about the Mughals,” Prince Cyrus once bellowed at a friend of mine. “They were as common as dirt.” The Mughals, of course, were the rulers of India […]