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Meet John Kelly, Donald Trump’s New Enabler in Chief

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Here’s who’s making the most money in comedy

The 63-year-old stand-up star and co-creator of ’90s classic “Seinfeld” is currently the highest-paid comedian in the world, according to Forbes magazine. The finance publication has released its list of the top-earning comedians working today, and Seinfeld takes the No. 1 spot having made $69 million between June 2016 and June 2017. Forbes takes into […]

A Picasso mystery examined by 60 Minutes

Two years ago, Pablo Picasso’s painting The Women of Algiers, sold at Christie’s for an art auction record of $179 million. Then in June of last year, one of his cubist works, Femme Assise, went for over $63 million. So when a portfolio of 271 never-before-seen Picassos appeared in 2010 the art world was stunned. […]

It’s the 30th anniversary of Billy Joel’s glorious “quit lighting the audience” freakout · Great Job, Internet! · The A.V. Club

Billy Joel’s a notoriously prickly figure, the kind of guy who’s burned enough lovers and interviewers to forever cement his legacy as a “difficult person.” Regardless, the man’s a star, even today. Since 2014, lest we forget, he’s sold out Madison Square Garden 40 times. He was even bigger in the ’80s, too, an era […]

Mo’s Bows NBA deal and growth

Mo’s Bows’ 15-year-old CEO Moziah Bridges, pictured, is “a cool guy who makes cool ties.”Mo’s Bows When asked how his deal with the NBA came about, Mo’s Bows’ 15-year-old founder and CEO Moziah Bridges told Business Insider that the league learned about him and “they decided I was a cool guy who makes cool ties.” […]

Japan battles population decline with robots

Japan is facing a population collapse that threatens its very existence. As with many of its problems, Japan is not looking for conventional solutions. It’s pressing forward in its own, uniquely Japanese way. The world’s third largest economy is looking to buttress its diminishing human population with a growing population of robots. Japan’s robot revolution […]