State Debate: Can Scott Walker win again? asks Steve Walters; MJS columnist says Roy Moore harms religious faith | Local News

in an Urban Milwaukee column, Steve Walters asks whether Scott Walker can win re-election. The veteran political columnist explores Walker’s advantages and his ability to stay on message. The Democrats have a long shot at upsetting him, is the consensus.

At the public’s expense, Foxconn gets a low bar and Scott Walker high praise, writes Political Environment blogger James Rowen. He points to the website of the Wisconsin Economic Development Corp., a taxpayer-supported state agency, and its praise of the Foxconn deal to underline his point. 

The Milwaukee Journal Sentinel’s conservative columnist Christian Schneider writes that the Roy Moore controversy harms people of religious faith. Moore is what happens when people put power over principle, he says, noting the quandary that the religious right is facing now.

Milwaukee Journal Sentinel Capitol reporter Jason Stein, meanwhile, pens his own column on the Legislature’s controversial passage of a bill to do away with the minimum hunting age in Wisconsin. Stein notes that he’s conflicted by the action, but reveals that his father took him hunting back in Kansas when he still believed in Santa Claus.

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Jim Maas, who describes himself as a libertarian activist from Weston, Wis., writes on the Libertarian Party’s website that Wisconsin’s 21-year-old drinking age needs to be revisited. Let’s quit treating adults — legally at age 18 — as kids, he says.

Right Wisconsin’s James Wigderson protests that Supreme Court candidate Tim Burns is courting the radical left wing of the Wisconsin Democratic Party. Proof of this, he claims, is that Burns is courting the “Our Wisconsin Revolution” organization for its endorsement. He then quotes the right-wing Media Matters report that labels the organization radical left.