State Debate: Foxconn deal continues to rile commentators; Bill Kaplan calls John McCain ‘always a hero’ | Local News

In an op-ed for Urban Milwaukee, state Rep. John Brostoff explains why he’s opposed to the Foxconn deal Scott Walker has negotiated with the corporate giant. The Milwaukee Democrat says it is not only a terribly inefficient proposal — costing tens of thousands per employee — but he doesn’t trust the key players: Foxconn, Scott Walker and Donald Trump.

Meanwhile, also on Urban Milwaukee, George Mitchell insists the Foxconn deal will assure Scott Walker of re-election next fall. If this were Vegas, he writes, Walker’s odds just went up by ten points.

Political Environment blogger James Rowen comments that for Foxconn, Walker is willing to bet the farm and break the bank, outlining the financial machinations the governor appears willing to pursue to satisfy the demands of the corporate conglomerate whose behavior is frequently questioned around the world.

Political columnist Bill Kaplan, in a piece for WisOpinion, calls John McCain “always a hero.” He compares McCain’s principled vote on the health care repeal procedure with the undisciplined behavior that permeated the White House last week as the prime example.

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Madison’s rightie blogger David Blaska plugs Madison Police Chief Mike Koval’s blog and urges all Madisonians to subscribe. He says it’s full of information from someone Blaska calls the brightest light in the city.

Blogging Blue’s Ed Heinzelman chastises the Democrats for not having a single-payer health insurance plan ready to go. He claims that during all the turmoil over repealing Obamacare, the Dems should have been ready to jump in with a Medicare for All bill. Now they’re in the same kind of predicament the Republicans faced when they had no plan to replace Obamacare, he contends.

John Friedman, an opinion contributor to the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, writes that short-timer White House communications director Anthony Scaramucci, a Donald Trump “mini me,” scored a decisive victory in the Trump administration’s drive to make America crass. Like some of Trump’s comments, Scarmucci’s vulgar speech lowered the bar more on accepted standards of civility. And the media, including The New York Times, reported Scaramucci’s comments without asterisks or trigger warnings.