State Debate: How dismissive can the DNR be of the public? asks Political Environment blogger James Rowen | Local News

Just how dismissive of the public has the Wisconsin DNR become? asks Political Environment blogger James Rowen. He notes that the department held five public hearings on CAFOs, the enormous cattle-feeding farms, in one day and gave concerned citizens exactly five minutes to testify. It’s no longer “On Wisconsin” but “Goodbye Bucky,” Rowen maintains.

Urban Milwaukee’s Bruce Murphy writes about the fall and rise of WEAC, the state teachers union. While Scott Walker’s Act 10 dealt a devastating blow to the organization, it is far from dead, Murphy says. It has not retained 40 percent of its membership, but is making a strong push to interest younger teachers in the union.

The Beloit Daily News, noting that the Donald Trump administration has pledged to reform welfare, hopes that it will take a cue from Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker, who has insisted that people don’t need a handout, but a hand up. The paper thinks there are too many able-bodied people taking government handouts because the programs don’t give them an incentive to work.

In a guest column for the USA Today-Wisconsin Network that ran in the Appleton Post-Crescent, Mark Scheffler, the CEO of the Appleton Group, an organization representing Appleton business owners, sees the GOP tax bills pending in Congress as picking out long-term winners and losers. Pointing out his own nonpartisanship, Scheffler says the plans are neither fiscally conservative nor socially progressive.

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The Milwaukee Journal Sentinel’s Christian Schneider is calling out Democratic gubernatorial candidate Dana Wachs, accusing him of practicing “crass politics.” The conservative columnist’s complaint is that Wachs is using the national sexual harassment accusations as an opportunity to attack Scott Walker.

Right Wisconsin’s James Wigderson piles on Wachs as well. He calls him one of the seven Democratic “dwarfs” running for governor and claims to be astonished at Wachs’ criticism of Walker and legislative Republicans for going too slow in addressing sexual harassment issues in the state.

Madison’s rightie blogger comes riding to the defense of “white guys” while he accuses everyone from The Capital Times to the Wisconsin Center for Investigative Journalism of demonizing some white nationalist groups and trying to portray them as representing the GOP.