State Debate: Racine lauded for passing anti-bullying ordinance; Columnist wonders if Waukesha County becoming less red | Local News

The Racine Journal Times is happy that the city’s council members have voted to enact an anti-bullying ordinance aimed at abusive treatment of others on social media. We need to be aware that bullying on cell phones and other electronic devices is just as damaging and dangerous as what occurs on playgrounds, the paper insists.

Urban Milwaukee’s data wonk Bruce Thompson wonders if Waukesha County is becoming less red. Perhaps not, he says, but current data show that legislative districts straddling the county’s borders are changing significantly.

The Right Wisconsin blog site continues to dig into the recently released state school report card. This weekend the site’s editor, ultra-conservative James Wigderson, says the report shows that 25,000 kids are caught in Milwaukee’s “failing schools.”

Political Environment blogger James Rowen calls attention to a Cap Times’ story about deer carcasses piling up along state highways since the Scott Walker administration transferred cleanup from the DNR to the DOT. Rowen says this is exactly what he predicted at the time of the transfer and wonders if the DOT contractors are testing the deer for chronic wasting disease before disposing of them in landfills.

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Blogger Chris Liebenthal says that House Speaker Paul Ryan and his GOP backers are getting nervous about Democratic challenger Randy Bryce’s popularity in the First District. He says that’s why they’re spending big money to dig up dirt to tar Bryce with attack ads.

Madison’s rightie blogger David Blaska posts a list of Dane County supervisors who voted for a $28 annual vehicle registration fee and urges his readers to remember their names come next election. He insists what will happen is that the county will rely on the tax for transportation needs and use the money currently earmarked for roads and highways for other purposes.