State Debate: Will a Dem gov kill Foxconn? asks Steve Walters; watch out, Cathy Stepp now with EPA, says James Rowen | Local News

In an Urban Milwaukee column, political writer Steve Walters asks whether a Democratic governor would kill Scott Walker’s Foxconn deal. Noting that every Democratic candidate for the gubernatorial nomination is opposed to the deal, Walters says it isn’t at all impossible. Sort of like what Walker did to Jim Doyle’s train deal when he was elected, Walters points out.

Another political columnist, Bill Kaplan, comments on GOP leadership in a piece posted on WisOpinion. He says it’s lacking in everything from Scott Walker’s self-centered Foxconn deal to Donald Trump’s responses to KKK and Nazi groups in Charlottesville. He contrasts Ohio Gov. John Kasich with Walker, Trump and Paul Ryan.

Political Environment blogger James Rowen says he more or less predicted it, but now it’s official: Wisconsin DNR secretary, environment wrecker and climate change denier Cathy Stepp is now with the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency where she can help Donald Trump further attack the environment.

In a Milwaukee Journal Sentinel guest column, Milwaukee Democratic state Rep. Dan Riemer is worried that the Foxconn deal looks like a victory, for, of all things, Chicago Bears fans. And, conversely, Packer fans will be subsidizing the Bears fans from Illinois who get jobs at the southeast Wisconsin plant.

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Right Wisconsin’s new editor, James Wigderson, is a little snarky in pointing out that Hillary Clinton, who couldn’t see fit to visit Wisconsin before last year’s election, is coming to the state with her book tour. Word is that Clinton will open up and be honest with her book tour audience, Wigderson chides, adding that would be a first.

Madison’s rightie blogger David Blaska ridicules a proposal by Madison Alds. Matt Phair and Maurice Cheeks to help fight increased crime with a public health approach. Sure, Madison will fight crime as if it were the clap … somehow, he chides.