State Senator Wants Taxpayers to Pay for Political Campaigns | WLS-AM 890

| WLS-AM Staff

By Christopher Michael, WLS-AM 890 News

 (SPRINGFIELD)    Illinois is a state in a deficit.  A huge deficit.  Service providers to the state are waiting well over a year to be paid for their services and products they have delivered.  Yet the State Senate is considering a bill that finds a new way to spend tax money.  Political campaigns.

 Senator Daniel Biss, a Democrat from Evanston has is proposing that taxpayers help to provide matching funds for small contributions to political hopefuls.  The plan would match contributions of $25 to $150 dollars at six times the amount of the contribution.  That would make a 25 dollar gift $175 with $150 coming from the state, meaning you.

Biss says it will make elections fairer for candidates without independent wealth.  But it should be noted that Biss, himself, is seeking the Democratic nomination for Governor in a field that includes two wealthy businessmen.

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