Statement from Matt McCarten, Campaign for Change

In May this year my contract with the Labour Party ended and
I left to run a programme called the Campaign for Change.
The programme was supported by the Labour Party in Auckland,
however I led and managed it.

This programme involved an
international volunteer programme with a focus on voter
enrolment, working with trade unions, student groups and

Volunteers would also have the opportunity to
work on local political campaigns, and a number of them did
volunteer to help with Labour campaigns in Auckland.

programme was extremely popular and quickly became
oversubscribed. The scale of the programme is now greater
than I can manage, and I am aware of issues that this has

Earlier this week the Labour Party Head Office
contacted me about these issues and requested to take the
programme over so that it could resolve them. I have agreed
to this and am no longer involved in the programme.

intention from the start has been to give young people a
positive experience in the New Zealand political system and
I regret that the programme has not lived up to this promise
for all volunteers.

I will be making no further

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