Stockton 3-year-old dies after undergoing dental procedure

On Monday, 3-year-old Daleyza Avila-Hernandez went to the dentist’s office for what seemed like a routine dental procedure. She never came out.

Avila-Hernandez died Monday morning at Saint Joseph’s Hospital after undergoing the procedure at the Children’s Dental Surgery Center, a nonprofit ambulatory surgery center in Stockton, according to ABC10.

Araceli Avila, the girl’s mother, saw an ambulance arrive while waiting for her daughter’s procedure to finish. Soon after, a nurse told Avila that something had gone wrong and that Daleyza’s heart had stopped, according to FOX40.

“The nurse said my daughter’s heart stopped, but she was stable and not to worry and told me my daughter has heart problems that maybe I didn’t know of, but that’s not true,” Avila told CBS Sacramento. “My daughter was very healthy.”

Children’s Dental Surgery Center administrator David Thompson said Avila-Hernandez was in stable condition when she left the Stockton office, according to ABC10. Thompson also said Avila-Hernandez had a reaction to the anesthetics. He didn’t know why she died, according to FOX40.

Thompson could not give specifics on the anesthesiologist and the dentist who performed the surgery. He said that when patients undergo surgery, a dentist, anesthesiologist and two staff members are in the room, according to FOX40.

The toddler was scheduled to have three teeth removed, according to Thompson said the office’s staff had experience with the dental procedure they performed on Avila-Hernandez, according to ABC10.

The Stockton Police Department is investigating the matter, but doesn’t believe it was a criminal incident.