TALKING POINTS: At least the drama gets citizen attention | Columnists

Media drama over the latest accurate or not-so-accurate quotes from President Donald Trump, his incessant tweeting, government shutdowns and the latest “breaking news” about the millions in the path of some kind of disaster serves a purpose. It gets attention.
Political drama these days sometimes divides families and ends friendships all while entertaining millions of citizens.
And there’s a new drama every other day just to keep things from getting too boring.
Cussin’ and discussin’ are good for the country. Whether it makes you angry, makes you laugh, entertains you, or informs you, at least you’re paying attention…or not.

Where’s the Illinois campaign?
Maybe the weather’s been to blame, but there sure haven’t been many campaign signs cropping up locally.  
Local mailboxes haven’t seen many of those nasty campaign mailers yet. Robo calls from campaigns seem to be down, too.
Political advertising seems to be confined to major market television involving candidates for the March primary nomination for Illinois governor. A Rauner campaign TV ad attempt to link J.B. Pritzker to a now imprisoned former governor is noteworthy. Somebody probably ought to tell the governor’s campaign he does have a serious primary opponent he has to beat before taking on whomever the other party eventually chooses.
Then there’s Democrat Chris Kennedy who has been campaigning like he’s running for the nomination for governor of Chicago.
Come on county, county board, and local legislative and congressional candidates: let’s get the ball rolling locally.
Boring campaign meets staged by your supporters might raise some political money for you, but probably doesn’t interest many potential voters.

$100 million-plus campaign for governor?
It been widely reported that this year’s campaign for Illinois governor will probably approach the most expensive in state history. It’s estimated that well more than $100 million is being raised.
It’s undoubtedly going to be a windfall for the political advertising and consulting businesses.
Too bad some of that couldn’t help the state pay a few bills.
What would Mr. Lincoln think?

Attention Starved Rock Country snowbirds
How’s the weather down there?
That bad? Sorry about that.
It really hasn’t been too bad here. Typical winter from snowy and bitter cold to hints of the spring to come.
Don’t forget to vote absentee if you won’t be home for the March primary.
Stay warm, dry and enjoy your sunshine.

  • JIM FRENCH, of Ottawa, is retired after 43 years in radio broadcasting, including 33 in Ottawa. You can reach him through The Times by emailing [email protected].