Texas Legislature’s Special Session, And The Health Care Debate Continues – Houston Public Media

On Wednesday’s edition of Houston Matters: SB 3, the so-called “bathroom bill,” is one step closer to passage, and yet faces an uncertain future in the Texas House of Representatives, after the state Senate passed the bill overnight (7-25-2017), after nine hours of debate. We learn the very latest from News 88.7’s politics and government reporter Andrew Schneider.

It’s time again for the Houston Matters weekly political roundup with analysis of national, state, and local political stories with an eye to how it all might affect Houston and Texas. On this edition, the latest on the Republicans attempt to pursue a partial repeal and replace vote on Obamacare. Plus: The Senate investigation on Russia’s meddling in the 2016 presidential election continues, and the latest on the Texas Legislature’s Special Session.

Today, our guests are: Elizabeth Simas, assistant professor of political science at the University of Houston; Andrew Schneider, politics and government reporter for News 88.7; and Brandon Rottinghaus professor of political science at the University of Houston and co-host of Houston Public Media’s Party Politics podcast.