The absence of Dalit reporters in the Indian media and nine other Sunday reads

The Weekend Fix: The absence of Dalit reporters in the Indian media and nine other Sunday reads

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  1. The Indian media wants Dalit news but not Dalit reporters, writes Sudipto Mondal in
  2. In Kashmir, India is witnessing its General Dyer moment, argues noted historian Partha Chatterjee in the Wire.
  3. The roots of the Kashmir disturbances of 2017 go right back to Mountbatten, Jinnah and Nehru, writes AG Noorani in the Frontline.
  4. Much like unicorns and pink fairies, says Charles Assisi in the Mint, the Indian liberal is a myth.
  5. Soldiers killed in action are not martyrs, points out Karan Thapar in the Hindustan Times. “Martyr” has religious overtones and is one one of the many things Indian nationalism borrows from faith.
  6. A recent demolition drive in Mumbai’s Ambedkar Nagar exposes schisms old and new in a city historically riven by social apartheid, reports Javed Iqbal in Business Line.
  7. In the Boston Review, Melinda Cooper describes how Neoliberals and Conservatives came together to undo the American welfare state.
  8. There is not one but three George Orwells. Even as the author’s books hit the best seller lists in the wake of the election of United States President Donald Trump, in Public Books, Simon During looks back at the author’s career.
  9. The Nazis have occupied France. It’s easy to condemn the collaborators. But be honest: what would you really do, asks Robert Gildea in Aeon.
  10. In an interview to Christopher Lydon of the Nation, Noam Chomsky describes how elites on both sides of the political spectrum have undermined our social, political, and environmental commons. 

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