The essentials for healthcare can’t be created in today’s toxic political arena: Corky Goldstein

By Corky Goldstein

Whether it be Obamacare or Trumpcare, the essentials necessary for quality healthcare for our country, should definitely not be created and also then try to be decided within this highly toxic political arena we live in today.

Corky Goldstein (PennLive file) 

No good comes out of that process, and we will only see continued chaos. To have ‘any’ chance of finding, at least, near the right balance, it should be developed with individuals and organizations that truly, know, understand and are involved to some relevant extent, within the terrible healthcare crisis in America, and how quality medical and mental care could possibly be made much better.   

However, the goal now, is how to best make health care available, at a reasonable cost or through Medicaid, to the poorest and middle class people in America, while maintaining a safety net for our fellow Americans.   

All great social programs in our history, be it Social Security, Social Security Disability, Unemployment Compensation, Medicare, Medicaid, Welfare, Children’s Health Insurance, etc. had to have significant changes and additions made as our country changed and moved forward.

We are still making changes and additions to these essential programs. These were all programs developed by our federal government, before politics became so ugly and unreasonable.

However, extending the opportunity, or availability of quality health care to everyone in America is so complicated, and there are so many forceful competing sides, that the decision-makers must include those who truly have a real stake in the process.  

This constant fighting and posturing back and forth to just please individual and group political views, will only lead to another broken system, and the people mostly hurt will be those who are poor, or just unable to pay for needed quality care.     

All those must have a seat at the table, including individuals from the poor and middle class, and impartial experts from the Congressional Budget Office. We will never please everyone, but, at least we will come up with a much more fairer health care program for this country, that is not based solely on politics.  

Once a program is agreed to by a majority of the stake-holders, give them one year, and then presented to the elected representatives for passage, it should be mandatory to be accepted, just like it is mandatory that elected U.S. senators and congressman, have cost of living raises they receive that are mandatory.  

It is pure fantasy to believe that out of this political circus on health care that a fair and balanced, quality health care system will be put in place. 

Corky Goldstein writes from Harrisburg.