The house with posters for two political parties turning heads in Hymers Avenue, Hull

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With two posters for different political parties being displayed in a front window, it might look like a divided household.

The posters are currently turning heads in Hull’s Hymers Avenue.

But Mick and Linda Wilkinson insist they are united in their support for the Green Party and Labour under Jeremy Corbyn.

“It’s a show of support for both the Greens and Corbyn,” explained Mr Wilkinson, who is a lecturer at the University of Hull.

“We support most if not all of the Green Party’s policies but we also want to see a Corbyn victory.

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“He’s actually very Green in his outlook, there’s precious little difference between the two on a lot of things so I suppose it’s our own progressive alliance against the Conservatives.

“We put the posters up because it’s our way of encouraging people to look at what the parties are actually saying. I would stress, it’s an expression of support for Corbyn rather than the local Labour candidate.

“I worked in phone banks for Corbyn during his two leadership campaigns and there’s no question in my mind that he would make a great prime minister.”

Mr Wilkinson said openly supporting two parties was not a contradiction.

“There is too much tribalism in politics,” he said.

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